Zach Steiner
Aug 21, 2019

Goodbye Jekyll

Four years I've stuck by Jekyll. It's gotten more powerful, but it's also gotten much slower. I was experiencing 90 second build times and unpredictable hot reloading that would require yet another 90 second build. Using Jekyll for a work project really soured me on it, but I've not had time until now to take the plunge. Jekyll just isn't the development experience I was used to with Vue and React (but it sure beats Drupal!). Worse it was keeping me from updating my portfolio and writing.

I reviewed Hugo (it's fast) and VuePress, but landed on Gatsby. It was nice to practice React UI and I get an opportunity to learn about GraphQL. I also took the opportunity to clean up my markdown (particularly in the portfolio section). Hopefully, my content is now consistent and more portable for future work. Gatsby also gives me a better playground to explore layout ideas than Jekyll ever did.

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