Zach Steiner


I earned my Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology from Colorado State University and expanded my skill set into user experience research and design. There is a wonderful synergy between organizational, social, and cognitive psychology and user experience practice. I see my role in UX as an extension of the classic I/O scientist-practitioner model: apply my skills and knowledge in research and theory to develop concrete, actionable solutions to complex problems. I draw from a toolkit of psychological theory, empirical research, qualitative research, and design practice to develop person-centered interfaces.

It's not all work... I have played saxophone since I was a child. Now I dabble on guitar, bass, and synthesizers. I do home recording with Logic, when I find the time. I improvise to explore ideas and then focus and shape the improvisations into a coherent piece. The saxophone illustration on my site is borrowed from a 1936 Conn patent that closely resembles my beloved Alice (1934 Conn 6M alto, named for my Noni). I'm also a voracious music listener whose tastes run very eclectic, with a special place in my heart for jazz (from avant-garde skronk to 1920s classics). Really, there is't a genre that I do not like (I refuse to make the country or hip-hop exception), though I am generally slow on the Top 40 uptake.

You will find me in the kitchen most nights. Well known for making my Noni's meatballs and tortellini en brodo, I've recently been cooking a lot of plant-based recipes. I also get a little obsessive about homemade pizza. In the kitchen, as in research, I find I learn more from the less than successful experiments than the easily executed meals.

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This is the third iteration of the site. Wordpress to Jekyll to now Gatsby. Hosted on netlify.

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