Zach Steiner
Jan 3, 2016

Hundred Proof

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Hundred Proof Scaling

I made limoncello for the first time this holiday. This required some (not very fancy) math to figure out how to get the final product to a manageable proof. I didn't want my family too drunk at dessert nor did I want too weak a liqueur. I then had a conversation with a friend about how to serve 120 proof bourbon. It's a bit too strong and need a touch of water. The art of making a cocktail is often the proper dilution, which is why ice is the most underrated ingredient in many cocktails. With small or large quantities this can be tricky math with odd fractions of an ounce or the imprecise "drop". I found a useful formula that provides an amount of water to get an uncut bourbon to a desired proof for sipping, but it involved algebra and conversion of ounces to teaspoons. Even basic algebra is a lot to ask of even sober adults, so I thought this a good task for a web app. This formula forms the backbone of Hundred Proof.

For the time being Hundred is a basic dilution calculator, but I hope to build this out to a more full feature mixology calculator. There are a few parts of the experience make it more than a basic calculator, however. Users can seamlessly swap between ABV and Proof and values are updated. Users can swap between shots, jiggers, and cups (for larger batches). The results are presented in fluid ounces and teaspoons and switches cups for larger quantities.

Hundred Proof Scaling

I collaborated with the talented Jackie Glimp to make Hundred Proof. Jackie made the beautiful illustrations and icons, designed the word mark, and selected the typography and color palette. I designed the UX and coded everything. The final UI and layout was a true team effort.

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