Zach Steiner
Sep 1, 2014

Luther Consulting Site

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I did a responsive redesign of the company's external marketing site to match the new product direction and be more accessible to mobile users.

Contact Page

Color schemas, icons, and typography are carried over from global styles to create a unified experience between new products and marketing site.

The design began as mockups in Sketch before moving into hand coded HTML. I developed content with input and direction from a variety of internal stakeholders. The design evolved through iterations over a several month period.

The redesign reorganized product and contact information, but required new content. I created new content pages for "about the company" and careers. The culture is very important at Luther Consulting, so the site needed to communicate it clearly to customers and job seekers. For instance, the previous site design did not feature the company's mission statement, which was a powerful recruitment tool that had initially attracted numerous employees. Previously, job postings were distributed via email or Linkedin, so there was less opportunity for the company to tell its story to job seekers.

This redesign provided a place to experiment with new techniques (responsive web design, SVG) that were implemented in the eventual product design. It also provided a place to iterate and evolve within the nascent visual design style.

Tablet UI
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Tablet UI
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